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As a NRLRC member, you have access to the most pertinent legal resources available anywhere in the U.S. roofing industry, enabling you to successfully manage and respond effectively to legal issues affecting your business.

Your benefits include:
  • Free access to expert legal help valued at more than $800. You will receive answers from NRLRC's counsel to help address some of your toughest legal, business and employment issues and problems. Submit your questions via NRLRC's Legal Help Line or by calling NRLRC at (847) 299-9092.

  • Access to the Members Only section of NRLRC's website. NRLRC's comprehensive database contains more than 400 legal articles, cases, special reports, past seminar handouts and access to significant roofing-related court decisions to help you save time and attorney's fees. You also can find state business licensing information and statutes of limitations, as well as informative health and safety, technical and business-related articles.

  • More than 80 key contract provisions. Written by lawyers and compiled by NRLRC, these contract provisions come with plainlanguage explanations you can understand and insert directly into your contracts. You will save thousands of dollars in personal attorney drafting fees using these three publications.

  • Monthly legal guides. Each edition of Sidebar addresses situations such as what to do if you want to work in another state; what to look for and what to look out for in an indemnification provision you are asked to sign; what to do if you don't receive a monthly progress payment; and what to do if you make a bid mistake. You will receive one free legal guide—valued at $50 each—per month.
You also will receive complimentary copies of the following NRLRC-produced publications valued at more than $1,000 in your New Member Kit:
  • A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Obtaining Payment addresses all the approaches to collecting money; terms in invoices, liens and claims on payment bonds; stopping work; not providing warranty services; and more.

  • OSHA Citation Defense Manual, a comprehensive resource valued at $595, will allow you to become more familiar with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) procedures, practices and terms and be better prepared to handle OSHA inspections and respond to citations.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Wage and Hour Regulations Affecting Roofing Contractors addresses regulations governing minimum wage and overtime pay requirements, including a discussion about how to calculate the "regular rate" of pay.

  • A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Fume Claims addresses alleged health effects from fumes or vapors emitted from roofing products; potential legal liability associated with the installation of materials that emit fumes; and strategies to reduce potential liability for fume-related bodily injury claims.

  • NRLRC Immigration Compliance Package addresses six key topics about immigration compliance such as I-9 requirements and E-Verify and explains even the most difficult topics. Also included are frequently asked questions answered with detailed explanations by seasoned attorneys.

  • Discounted registration fees. NRLRC's annual educational seminar, Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets, is held annually in September. Attendees gain an appreciation of current legal and regulatory developments affecting their businesses, and many participants consider it a "must-attend event."

  • Subscriptions to NRLRC's monthly E-newsletter. The Legal Center is an informative resource that keeps you and your business up to date with the most recent legal issues and trends affecting roofing contractors.

  • Complimentary tickets to NRLRC's annual luncheon. Held during the International Roofing Expo, this program— valued at $125—gives you an overview of the most prevalent legal and technical issues affecting roofing contractors and their businesses.

  • Detailed state licensing information. NRLRC offers its members detailed state licensing requirements, regulations, procedures and specific roofing licensing requirements applicable to contractors who wish to perform roofing work out of state.

  • A company listing. NRLRC members are prominently listed online in NRLRC's member directory.
During your second year of membership, you also will receive five additional legal publications valued at more than $1,000.

Join NRLRC today and begin realizing the return on your investment immediately.

To join online, click here, or call Alison LaValley or Anne Schroeder at (847) 299-9092; fax (847) 299-1183; or e-mail for an application.

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