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Contract provision addresses compensation for flashing penetrations

This month's contract provision is intended to be added to a roofing contractor's proposal form. Disputes frequently arise over whether a roofing contractor is entitled to additional compensation for flashing penetrations. This provision is intended to reduce confusion, and protect the roofing contractor, so that both parties recognize the agreed-upon price includes flashing of penetrations only if they are pre-existing or shown on the plans:

Compensation for flashing penetrations: Roofing Contractor will flash roof projections that are in place prior to installation of roofing or shown on the plans provided to Roofing Contractor. Penetrations not shown on the plans provided to Roofing Contractor prior to execution of this Agreement, or required after installation of roofing, shall be considered an order for extra work, and Roofing Contractor shall be compensated at its customary time and material rates for additional expense resulting from additional penetrations.


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