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Contract provision addresses coordinating subcontractor work schedule

This month's contract provision is intended to be added to a subcontract proposed by a general contractor to the roofing contractor. Often, the subcontract will contain language requiring the roofing contractor to coordinate with other subcontractors working on the project to ensure the project is not delayed, even though the roofing contractor has no power to control how and when other subcontractors perform work. The purpose of the below provision is to make it clear the roofing contractor is not responsible for coordinating the work of subcontractors or others working on the project. Instead, it is the general contractor's responsibility to coordinate the work.

Coordination of subcontractor work schedule: While Subcontractor will seek to coordinate its work with other subcontractors and trades working on the project, the parties recognize that Subcontractor has no contract with or ability to control or direct or sequence the work of other subcontractors or trades. Contractor has the primary responsibility to coordinate the work of subcontractors and trades and to sequence the work to facilitate construction.


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