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Contract provision addresses roofing contractor's work schedule

This month's contract provision is intended to be added to a general contractor's or owner's contract form. Many contracts drafted by general contractors and owners include a provision in the section addressing a schedule broadly requiring the roofing contractor, at his or her expense, to accelerate work and work overtime if necessary to comply with the schedule, without exception for delays to the extent caused by forces beyond the roofing contractor's control. This provision, and specifically the italicized language, is intended to limit the obligation so the roofing contractor only is required to bear the expense to the extent delays are because of his or her fault.

Roofing contractor's schedule: Subcontractor shall provide any additional labor, expediting, overtime, holiday and/or weekend work required to maintain the schedule at no charge to Contractor, to the extent required to overcome delays due to Subcontractor's fault.


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