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Contract provision addresses standard design documents and responsibility

This month's contract provision is intended to be added to a roofing contractor's proposal terms and conditions when the contractor is utilizing a manufacturer's standard design documents. When the roofing contractor is furnishing the design, it might be assumed that, between the owner and roofing contractor, the roofing contractor has assumed responsibility for the design suitability and compliance. The purpose of this provision is to provide that no such responsibility for design is assumed by the roofing contractor, and it is the owner's risk if he or she chooses not to retain a design professional to review the manufacturer's design selected by the roofing contractor.

Standard design documents and responsibility: "Owner understands and acknowledges that Contractor does not provide engineering, consulting or architectural services. If Contractor is utilizing standardized plans, specifications or other design documents prepared or provided by a material manufacturer, Owner acknowledges that Contractor makes no representation as to whether those plans, specifications and other design documents are sufficient for Owner's needs and/or conform to all applicable laws and building codes. It is the Owner's responsibility to retain a licensed architect or engineer to determine design and code compliance."


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