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Emergency work authorization language addresses work not included in scope of project

Roofing contractors are sometimes requested to perform emergency roof repairs on buildings due to storms and other circumstances that require unplanned emergency work. Because of the need to proceed quickly with repairs to reduce interior damage and the inability to make a thorough pre-work assessment of what work is needed, the roofing contractor frequently will not be able to present a lump-sum proposal and will proceed based on a verbal authorization. To reduce potential disputes concerning whether the roofing contractor was properly authorized to perform the work and how much the contractor is to be paid, roofing contractors should have prepared in advance and routinely use an Emergency Work Authorization form that would be signed by the customer prior to commencement of work. At a minimum, the form should indicate that the roofing contractor is authorized to proceed and how the contractor is to be paid so there is a document memorializing the agreement. The contractor and owner may want to include other terms as well, such as when the work will be performed, how materials will be charged, the authority of the person authorizing the repairs and insurance maintained by the contractor.

Emergency Work Authorization form: Owner authorizes roofing contractor to perform emergency roof repairs at owner's building located at                        on a time-and-material basis. Contractor's hourly rate for roofing mechanics is $            .


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