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Shortage of H-2B seasonal guest worker visas for 2018

NRCA and the H-2B Workforce Coalition continue working to urge Congress to provide more visas for the H-2B seasonal guest worker program for 2018. The program is critical to many roofing contractors and other employers who cannot find local workers to fill jobs during peak season. Given the strength of the economy, the program's statutory annual cap of 66,000 visas is inadequate to meet the seasonal workforce needs of businesses, and applications by employers for H-2B workers are drastically outstripping supply. Given this surging demand, an estimated 65 percent of employers who requested H-2B workers for 2018 will not have their applications granted unless Congress acts to provide more visas. NRCA has been working in support of an amendment to provide additional visas in the Omnibus Appropriations bill Congress is expected to pass in the coming weeks. Without such action by Congress, it will be more difficult for roofing contractors to use the H-2B program in 2018, causing them to turn away customers and lose business. View a copy of NRCA's letter to Congress.


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