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OSHA finalizes crane regulation

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) crane operator certification requirements—first proposed in 2010—took effect Nov. 10. A final rule, which modifies the original requirements, was published in the Federal Register Nov. 9 after being proposed in May. The OSHA rule describes crane operator qualification as a three-step process in which an operator must be trained to perform the crane activities; certified/licensed in accordance with existing construction regulations; and evaluated by the employer regarding competency to safely operate the equipment used. The final rule removes the requirement for operators to be certified by type and capacity and allows certification by crane type only. The final rule, except for the evaluation and documentation requirements, will take effect Dec. 10. The evaluation and documentation requirements will take effect Feb. 7, 2019. However, the final rule indicates operators who do not have any formal certification are ineligible as of Nov. 10. NRCA is seeking clarification as to an extension for such operators. More information can be found in the Federal Register notice for the final rule by clicking here.


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